Our Customers - Arab Medi-Plast Industry Co.(ArabMediPlast)

We are Capable of Providing the following Services
1-  Consultation regarding the selection of the proper industrial solution including the selection of the best industrial equipment to fit the task required by our customer. These equipment include injection molding machines , extrusion blow molding machines , stretch blow molding machines for PET  , industrial chillers , industrial compressors , industrial filters , industrial Air dryers , industrial cooling towers ,  plastic scrap recycling machines including scrap crushers , material hopper dryer , material cabinet dryer , material automatic loader , 
2- Supplying our customers with efficient plastic molds to produce any plastic part required by the customer including injection molds , extrusion molds , injection blow molds , stretch blow molds , PET preform molds that fit either the customer's machinery or fits our production machinery to produce the customer's special order items  .
3- Importing packaging machinery that serve the pharmaceutical , cosmetic , chemical , and food industries . These machines include cream filling machines  , ointment filling machines , pneumatic filling machines , manual filling machines , manual induction sealing machines , continuous induction sealing machines , detergent filling machines , acidic detergents  filling machines ,  material dossers , aluminum cap capping machines , Capsule and tablet counting machines , candy-tablet press machines , blister forming and sealing machines , sleeve label inserting machines , electric  sleeve label shrink tunnel , steam sleeve label shrink tunnel , steam generator for shrink packing machines , shrink packaging machines
4- Design ,maintenance  and repair consultation regarding plastic molds , mold hotrunner solutions
, hydraulic systems modification and improvement .
5- Pneumatic systems design and implementation , valves , hydraulic systems design and hydraulic blocks , proportional valves for flow and pressure control.
6- We provide sleeve label placement over bottles , induction sealing liners suitable for various materials .
6- Industrial environment improvement consultation and solutions .

Please take into consideration that most of the equipment are available on order and might not be available in stock .