Our Services - Arab Medi-Plast Industry Co.(ArabMediPlast)


We are proud to supply the Jordanian market and our neighboring countries with packaging solutions produced in our factory or imported from outside , we serve the following industrial fields :
1- Pharmaceutical Industry with the following categories:
    Tablet and Capsule Jars         Child resistant caps              
   Dosing Spoons and Cups   Cream and Ointment Jars           
    Tamper evident Caps          Special Purpose Applicators   
    Liquid packaging Bottles  Pharmaceutical  glass bottles     
   Aluminum Caps and lids   Infusion Bottles and Rubber Plugs
   Glass bottles with Brush Applicators  Squeezable plastic bottles
   Miscellaneous packaging Equipment and Machinery

2- Cosmetics Industry with the following categories:
    Cosmetics Jars         Cosmetic Bottles      
    Double jacket Jars with plugs         Lotion Pumps
    Flip top Caps           Shampoo Bottles
    Lotion Bottles         Polystyrene Jars
    Acetone bottles    Hair treatment Jars
    Perfume and Essences bottles
    Acrylic jars         Airless Bottles   Droppers
    Miscellaneous packaging Equipment and Machinery

3- Chemical industries with the following categories:
    Mineral oil bottles       Detergents bottles
    Paint bottles and containers       Paste Containers
    Miscellaneous packaging Equipment and Machinery

4- Food industries with the following categories :
    Food Suppliment  containers           Spice Caps
    Flip top Caps             PET Spice jars 
    PET Bottles            Vinegar and sauce bottles
    Chewing gum Containers      Candy Containers
    Oil caps and Plugs          Water Caps
    Miscellaneous foodstuff filling and packaging equipment
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